How Can I Pay For Medicare Supplemental Plans Pt 2?

How Can I Pay For Medicare Supplemental Plans Pt 2?

In some circumstances, there may be a delay in covering an existing health problem that you will have to deal with. It may be difficult to purchase or modify supplemental Medicare plans after the Medigap registration period. Insurance companies can request a higher premium, request medical subscription or refuse insurance in case of health conditions. Will my Medicare supplement bills increase over time?

Over time, your premium for Medicare may rise. To understand better the probable rise in your premium, it may be wise to inquire from insurance agencies how they evaluate their plans. The evaluation method can influence the increase in premium over time. Insurers can evaluate the cost of their supplemental Medicare plans in three different ways:

Community Rated: the plan premium depends on the community in which you live. Your premium is based on the cost of insurance provided by the insurance company in your area. All community members participating in the plan will pay the same premium regardless of age, health or duration. Issue age: the premium of the plan depends on the age at which the policy is purchased. Your reward does not increase just because you’re celebrating another birthday.

Attained Age: The premium of the plan is usually based on your current age. This means that your premium increases with age. Some insurance companies can increase the premium each year, while others use age groups. This means that your prize will increase depending on the age category or group to which you belong (for example, every 5 years). The age plans achieved are usually cheaper than age plans and increasingly expensive when you get older. Remember that inflation and rising healthcare costs can affect insurance plans. Therefore, regardless of the type of price used by the insurance company, the price of the premium for the Medicare supplement can increase each year. However, your knowledge of the pricing method used by the insurance firm gives you an overview of ​​the possibility of waiting for a prize when you grow older.

If I pay for a Medicare supplemental plan, will I be eligible to pay other Medicare costs? If you enroll for a Medicare supplemental policy, you will still have to pay the Medicare Part B premium. (Some people also pay a Medicare Part A premium.) If you choose a separate Part D plan of Medicare for prescription drugs, you typically pay a separate premium for this prescription drug plan.

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Questions Older Adults Should Ask Before They Buy A Stock

Questions Older Adults Should Ask Before They Buy A Stock

It seems obvious that you every investor should do his or her research investing their savings on any company’s stock. Unfortunately, older adults don’t. Weighing stock-investment decisions is one of the secrets to succeeding in stock investment.

Of course, carefree investing is a style that works sometimes, but not all the time. As a matter of fact, its success normally ends abruptly. This is what stock market crashes have actually taught us. With this in mind, read through some of the most important questions you should always ask before you buy a stock.

What exactly does that company do?

As a senior citizen, your savings is all you have, and you need it to live comfortably as you age. So, investing your money in something you do not understand is just being careless with your savings. So, understand what the company is actually doing before buying stock from it. You can find answers by looking at the website of the company.

Does the company make profit?

This is one of the simplest questions, but the one that is not easy to understand because very many variations on the earnings of a company make it more complicated. You can read both the annual and quarterly earnings reports and find out exactly how much the company reported as their net income, in per-share earnings and in currency.

Who are the competitors of the company?

Every company has competitors, and no one operates in a vacuum. Companies are always trying to grab business from each other. As an investor, you should know what position your company takes in the industry. Does it a small company that is growing rapidly in a very competitive industry? Is it a company with a big market share? Is the industry dominated only by one company? Or is it a highly competitive industry whereby even the biggest players control only 10 percent or less? Buy stock only from a company that is more likely to stand the competition.

How clean is the balance sheet of the company?

If you are a serious investor, and you are planning to be a long-term investor, then you should read the balance sheet of a company from which you are considering to buy stock. Does the company’s debt exceed what it earns? Don’t check the company’s earning s alone because it might have borrowed a lot of money to achieve such earnings. Buy stock from a company whose balance sheet is clean.

Top 3 investments to be made in 2019

Top 3 investments to be made in 2019

Having investments is a way of ensuring a better future. We work hard majority of our lives and as senior citizens with Medicare, now it is time to have the fruit of our labour. Investment will help you to grow your money. Investing what you have on stocks, bonds or any new entity carefully, within a limited time, y can make you see your money working for you. No matter how old we get, financial growth is an important factor. Investment helps you enjoy more than what you have saved. Carefully investing in stocks or bonds will reap higher returns enabling you to lead a happy and relaxing retirement with your better half. Today I will talk about the 3 top investments for senior citizens to make this year for higher returns.

  1. Real Estate

Real estate has been a booming investment for more than a decade now. Prices are going up each day. So, what can you do in Real estate Investment? Real estate investments are of different types. Family Home investments: Family Homes are the homes rented to individual families. People are moving from place to place with family according to the demands of their jobs. Having a permanent home is not an option for them and hence they choose for rental family homes. Therefore their demands have been increased.Rental Properties: Rental properties refer to multi storeyed buildings with apartments given to individuals for rents. This provides a higher return to your investment and it is expected to increase this year. Investing in real estates can definitely increase your returns this year and you can lead a happy retirement life

  • Dividend paying Stocks

Dividend is a part of the profit earned by the company given to the shareholders regularly (usually quarterly) for owning a part of the company. Apart from these regular Dividends, the companies give a one-time dividend in the form of cash or stock. These one-time dividends are given so rarely and for reasons like a huge profit, or litigation win etc. Investing in these types of stocks allows you to invest your money and get a regular earning in retirement for senior citizens. With dividend stocks, retirement can be peaceful and fruitful.

  • Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P)

Peer-to-Peer lending is an emerging financial system all around the world. It is actually a loan/debt system but the only difference is that it works outside the banking system. P2P platforms provides a virtual space for small businessmen or entrepreneurs, who might have been rejected for a loan from bank due to its extensive background checks and credit score monitoring systems, to meet with investors from all around the world via the Internet where they lend money to the ones in need for high interest rates. With the help of an expert portfolio manager, this system can be very useful for the senior citizens to invest money and harvest profits.

How Elderly Individuals Can Prevent Flue

How Elderly Individuals Can Prevent Flue

Flue is one of the most common health conditions in senior citizens. In fact, it is one of those health conditions you should watch for as you grow older especially if you are already 65. As you grow older, your immune system may become weak, and this can make you susceptible to diseases. Flue is one of those health conditions you will be prone to as you age. The flue is simply a contagious respiratory illness. It is often characterized by abrupt symptoms such as body aches, muscle aches, cough, fever, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, fatigue, and headaches. Of course, getting the flue is not pleasant for any person regardless of age. However, getting the flue posses a great risk various health complications for people who are 65 and older, including malaria and pneumonia. There are a number of steps you can take to avoid getting the flu and pneumonia. Stay healthy with a 2019 medicare advantage plans via

  1. Get flu vaccine

The most effective way to avoid getting flue is to get flu vaccine. You should get the vaccine annually for you to keep the flu at bay. So, if you are 65 years or older and you haven’t gotten the flu vaccine, then go for it as soon as you can. Contact your doctor right away for direction or you can simply visit the nearest health facility. Most local health facilities have the flu vaccines. Be sure to get the pneumonia vaccine as well. In most cases, elderly individuals who get the flu also get pneumonia.

  • Avoid interacting with sick people

Well, don’t get me wrong. Sick people need the support of everyone, and that support includes emotional support, which you can effectively give when you are physically present. However, you should not risk your life in the name of providing support. Instead, take precautions and ensure that the sick do not make the situation worse by infecting you also. As mentioned earlier, the flue is a contagious or communicable respiratory illness. This therefore means that being near someone who has the flu exposes you also to the flu. So, make sure that you avoid being too close with people who have the flu especially if you haven’t gotten flu vaccine.

  • Wash your hands

Always wash your hands thoroughly with a disinfectant after interacting with a sick person or after coming out of the toilet.

  • Stay warm

Be sure to stay warm always especially during the cold months. This is because cold can sometimes make you more vulnerable to infections.

Reasons Investing In Gold Is A Great Idea For Seniors

Reasons Investing In Gold Is A Great Idea For Seniors

I guess you have heard it many times that investing in gold is the way to go. Well, we can agree more. But why should you really invest in gold? Here are just but some of the reasons.

  1. It is an insurance against inflation

Inflation is one of the biggest challenges that face older individuals worldwide. You might think that you have saved enough money to last you through the years until the end of your time. However, you can’t actually guarantee that because of inflation. Therefore, you can live your money lying in the bank because inflation can really affect its value. So, investing on something that insures your money against inflation is the best idea. Gold is an insurance against inflation. This is because when inflation rates starts to go up, investors usually use the currency to buy gold and other precious metals simply because these metals are not affected by inflation. This is because it value doesn’t necessarily appreciates or depreciates with the dollar. Instead, its value is usually dependant on its demand. When more people are willing to buy gold because inflation has hit, its prices usually goes up. Therefore, inflation will even bring you a greater fortune.

  • Currency debasement

Currency has been popular for centuries now, but not anymore. People are going back to precious metals like gold. Again, the fact that the US dollar has continued to dominate the world’s economy renders many other currencies almost worthless. In fact, there are so many currencies that cannot be used everywhere. This simply means that the currency can be humiliated degraded. This is not the same with gold. If you want something that you can be sure to buy and sell at any time and in any part of the world, then that is gold.

  • It is protection

Investing in gold is a great idea because the metal itself is protection. It protects you against inflation. Furthermore, it protects you against online fraudsters, money launderers and investment frauds which have become very common.. Investing in gold will mean that you don’t have a lot of cash in your home and you will not be having a lot of money in your bank account. Investing in gold is like blocking anyone from stealing your money in your bank account by tricking you to send them cash.

  • Global uncertainty

Concerning the economy, nobody really knows what to expect. Inflation can rise and reach unimaginable levels at any time, wars can break out, banks can collapse, and hackers can hack accounts and still from almost everyone. All these have created global uncertainty in respect to money and investments. Investing in gold is the only sure way to remain safe in case any of these happens. Find a 2019 medicare advantage plans at

Reasons Why Senior Investors Lose Money

Reasons Why Senior Investors Lose Money

Many elderly individuals who have taken the courage to invest their savings usually lose their money unnecessarily but know they save with 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans There are so many reasons why investors lose money. Knowing these reasons is an important step towards avoiding them and doing the right thing. If you are a senior citizen, and you are an investor, or you are considering investing your money, then you should continue reading this post to learn why elderly individuals usually lose money when investing is supposed to earn them more money.

  1. Failure to diversify

Most investors who lose money have not embraced the concept of diversification as their investment strategy. It’s important to understand that diversification is the most effective way of mitigating risks. If you put all your eggs in one basket, you will definitely have non left if the basket falls down. This is literally the same with investing. If you invest all your money on one investment, you will definitely lose your entire investment and money if the investment goes the wrong way. A smart way of investing is to spread your money on various investments so that even if one or some of them fail, some will still survive and you won’t lose all your money at once.

  • Lack of information

Most senior citizens, especially those whose careers were never related to investing or finance have no clue on what to invest in and how to invest. They get into the world of investing without doing any research or without consulting the experts. When you invest on what you don’t know, you won’t understand how it works, and you will eventually lose your money. This is what happens to most investors. Don’t just invest on something because you have seen someone making a lot of money.

  • Appetite for quick cash

Most people, especially elderly individuals fear too much about losing their money, and are in a hurry to make quick money. This makes them fall victims of scammers and fraudsters who present them with deals that are obviously too good to be true.

  • Letting the emotions to be the enemy

The surest way to health is mastering how to handle your emotions and not letting it be an enemy, but not how quick you trade and get money. In more often than not, investors underperform the market very badly and sometimes underperform even equity mutual funds simply because they time when the times are very good and get in, and they quickly get out whenever times are very bad. Therefore, they usually get whipsawed.

Hypertension And The Health of Seniors

Hypertension And The Health of Seniors

Hypertension is a very complicated disorder because in more than half of the cases it is asymptomatic, i.e. a person is sick for years, but does not feel high blood pressure. Rapid increase and decrease in blood pressure (BP) can be destructive primarily for vessels. Hypertension is particularly bad for the heart, kidney, & brain.

Is it possible to treat the issue without pills?

In some cases, according to experts, – yes! If hypertension is “not evil” – the systolic (“upper”) pressure is not higher than 159 mm, you have a normal sugar and cholesterol, and you don’t smoke often. For such cases, the doctors of the National Institutes of Health of the United States developed a special diet known as the Dash diet, which was adopted by cardiologists all over the world. It is not even a diet, but rather a lifestyle. There is nothing extraordinary in it, it is quite accessible to the ordinary person. The Dash diet helps normalize your blood pressure by avoiding pills.

Diet tips to reduce pulmonary hypertension:

Limit the salt intake

Gradually, within 2 to 3 months, reduce the use of table salt by about one and a half to two times as compared to the usual rate. Our ancestors received precious sodium chloride from plants and raw meat, and the body grabbed every grain of salt with greed, stocking up the most valuable ions, because they are necessary for life, like air. But a million years have passed, and now there is plenty of salt all around us. However, your body still tries to save it in some form or the other. Thus, seniors especially need to watch out their salt intake. In any case, do not try to get rid of salt entirely as it might be seen as a torture bu your body!

Cut down on animal fat

Cholesterol is your enemy. Try to avoid butter, lard, fatty meat, sour cream, etc. If you want to eat meat anyway, avoid eating it more than 3 times per week. Also, you need to avoid red meat as much as possible. Eggs, especially yolks, are also very rich in cholesterol – so try to eat no more than 2-3 pieces a week.

Eat fish and dairy products

Try to eat fish at least 2 times a week. Fish is a healthy source of essential omega 3 fats. Dairy products are also welcome as long as your body takes them well. Medigap for older adults who are living in the United States: Medicare supplement plans are an excellent means for covering copay & co-insurance for the elderly in the USA.