Things to know about money at nearby the age of retirement:

Things to know about money at nearby the age of retirement:

The dream does not always come true. If you’ve reached near the age of retirement, without really knowing how to take care of the money, or if you want your bookings to increase, there are no problems. We talk to experts who give tips to make money come, grow and appear.

It’s never too late to save and invest:

Those who have reached nearby the age of retirement or even those who are past that age without great savings, wealth or investment should not think that everything is lost. The most important of all is to adjust the standard of living so that the budget does not go red. To do this, put the gains and expenses at the tip of the pencil and see where your money goes every month.

Prepare for the changes:

If retirement has not yet come, you still have time to prepare for it. Analyze how much income will change, and be realistic. Depending on how much is still lacking for retirement, you can think about investing. Try to set up an investment portfolio, with part of the money in savings, another part in a private pension, and another part in shares that pay dividends.

Remember to take care of yourself:

Many people reach old age accompanied by a large family. They are children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and it is natural to have the instinct to want to take care of everyone around. It is common for older people still to collaborate with their children’s finances, and they forget to take care of their own money. With people living longer and longer, it is vital to remember to manage your own pocket before you solve the problems of others.

Sight is always better:

All stores are keen to announce the benefits of payment in several interest-free instalments, and the temptation is great. After all if the price is the same insight and in the future, better pay in soft instalments, right? Wrong. This concept of paying in several times without interest is a lie because interest is embedded in the parcels. To raise the children you chose to live in a large house, away from the city centre, and so it depended on the car for everything. In new times, how about adopting new habits? Assess whether it is still necessary to live in a large home if the children have already moved.