Top 3 investments to be made in 2019

Top 3 investments to be made in 2019

Having investments is a way of ensuring a better future. We work hard majority of our lives and as senior citizens with Medicare, now it is time to have the fruit of our labour. Investment will help you to grow your money. Investing what you have on stocks, bonds or any new entity carefully, within a limited time, y can make you see your money working for you. No matter how old we get, financial growth is an important factor. Investment helps you enjoy more than what you have saved. Carefully investing in stocks or bonds will reap higher returns enabling you to lead a happy and relaxing retirement with your better half. Today I will talk about the 3 top investments for senior citizens to make this year for higher returns.

  1. Real Estate

Real estate has been a booming investment for more than a decade now. Prices are going up each day. So, what can you do in Real estate Investment? Real estate investments are of different types. Family Home investments: Family Homes are the homes rented to individual families. People are moving from place to place with family according to the demands of their jobs. Having a permanent home is not an option for them and hence they choose for rental family homes. Therefore their demands have been increased.Rental Properties: Rental properties refer to multi storeyed buildings with apartments given to individuals for rents. This provides a higher return to your investment and it is expected to increase this year. Investing in real estates can definitely increase your returns this year and you can lead a happy retirement life

  • Dividend paying Stocks

Dividend is a part of the profit earned by the company given to the shareholders regularly (usually quarterly) for owning a part of the company. Apart from these regular Dividends, the companies give a one-time dividend in the form of cash or stock. These one-time dividends are given so rarely and for reasons like a huge profit, or litigation win etc. Investing in these types of stocks allows you to invest your money and get a regular earning in retirement for senior citizens. With dividend stocks, retirement can be peaceful and fruitful.

  • Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P)

Peer-to-Peer lending is an emerging financial system all around the world. It is actually a loan/debt system but the only difference is that it works outside the banking system. P2P platforms provides a virtual space for small businessmen or entrepreneurs, who might have been rejected for a loan from bank due to its extensive background checks and credit score monitoring systems, to meet with investors from all around the world via the Internet where they lend money to the ones in need for high interest rates. With the help of an expert portfolio manager, this system can be very useful for the senior citizens to invest money and harvest profits.